Friday, June 24, 2005


Thank goodness it's Friday! It has been quite the week! As I said the last time I wrote, we celebrated Danielle's birthday with the family on Sunday. She spent the night at Nick's parents' house. I wrote her a special note on her card, and we gave her gifts. More than anything I wanted her to know how important she is to me. She and I have a very special bond. After all, for the longest time it was just Danielle and me.

Somtimes, I think it would have to be very difficult to be Danielle. Not that she has it rough or anything, but she does have some tough roles to fill. She is a big sister after being an only child for eight and a half years. I would think that would be hard. I never really thought about it when I was pregnant, but the more I see what a big sister has to do, the more I realize it is true. In the beginning I know she worried about whether I would love her or not and sometimes I think she still does. After all, babies get a lot of attention. Everything is new and exciting and just about everything they do is cute--with a few exceptions, of course (I'm not too keen on temper tantrums). I can't imagine that she doesn't feel left out at times when we are all oohing and ahhing over Chloe's cuteness.

And of course, she is also a step daughter. She and Nick do not always see eye to eye because they are quite a bit alike. It's rather funny at times because Nick will get irritated at her for doing one thing, and he does not realize he does the same thing at times. So that's tough, and if that weren't enough add the fact that her real father is rarely in the picture and that makes for even more difficult stuff. I know how that feels--when your father doesn't love you. Fortunately, she does have Nick.

Well, here I am rambling again. I just meant to give a rundown of what we did this week so I will get on with it. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday Sam and Alex took gulf lessons at the Riverside Gulf course, so I did a little bit of carting around there. After lessons were over on Wednesday, I took them all swimming at Betsy's house. They had a wonderful time and really liked Betsy. They were also extremely impressed with her home. They loved the way it looked, and Betsy told them she has a secret passage in her house and that maybe next time they come she would show them. They were delighted with the idea and made sure to mention that part to their dad when he picked them up. Truth be told, I was a little excited myself. Secret passages are always cool!

Yesterday, Nick and I took them to see The Polar Express at the dollar theater. Nick kept Chloe and walked around Sears and other stores, while I stayed with the children at the theater. Afterwards, we went to Teresa's to get subs and made a stop at The Frontier Park in Erie. We indulged in yummy sandwiches and sprite and then the kids ran around and played for a while. I noticed there were mimes performing in a little dome at the bottom of the hill and when I mentioned it to them, they asked if they could go watch. They sat down there until we left. They really enjoyed it.

Nick, Chloe and I sat in the shade at the top of the hill. I was surprised how much Nick enjoyed watching too. He even told me that he thought it might be neat to be a mime. There is quite a bit more creativity in Nick than he realizes. I told him this and he laughed and said, "Yeah, wouldn't it be funny if I ended up being the writer in the family?" It would be, but it's not unrealistic at all. Maybe he and I could write a book together. That would be fun. Anyway, when we were leaving Danielle said, "Wouldn't it be fun to be a mime," as she moved her arms up and around in box-like fashion, and said,"Look! This is me, doing the box!" I couldn't help but laugh.

The day was completed with pizza, presents and birthday cake. Danielle had friends over from 6-9:00 to celebrate her birthday. There were ten children running around playing duck, duck goose, the limbo and other various games. What fun they had. Of course, by 8:30 Nick and I were wondering if we would survive another half hour. In order to achieve peace and quiet toward the end, he had them lined up on the ground competing in a pushup contest. But the game that topped the cake (no pun intended, lol) was the breath holding contest! He had them see who could hold their breath the longest! One girl actually held out for one minute and five seconds! LOL! What a riot! Well, it kept them quiet for a few minutes!

Anyway, let's just say I slept really well last night. I think I was out as soon as my head hit the pillow. It's good to be busy, right? We can make lots more nice memories this way and I know I won't regret that.

Well, better head off and try to get some stuff done. This will be another busy weekend, but hopefully Nick and I will be able to slip some fishing in there somewhere. Have a wonderful day--and try to keep cool on this 90 degree day!

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Dennis Weed said...

Lisa, Stumbled on your blog and added a link to yours on mine. Great stuff, except you have me hungry for Teresa's.
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