Saturday, July 02, 2005

Fun in the Sun

Well, once again we have had a pretty busy week. I guess Monday we didn't really do anything too exciting--at least not that I can remember, but if the days get too far behind me, they just become a blur. That is why I really enjoy this blogging business. It is a nice way to remember what we did and when we did it. Of course, it is also a fantastic way to exercise my writing skills. It keeps me inspired and in the habit of writing.

Tuesday was a pretty fun day for the children. Every Tuesday, as part of the library's summer read program, there is a fun activity that goes along with the theme--which happens to be "Dragons, Dreams, & Daring Deeds." As you might guess, the topic is medieval stuff: knights, round tables etc... Tuesday's fun activity was on Archery. Dave Birchard, who is very involved with hunter safety courses (and I suspect much more) in our area, taught the lesson. Every child there who wanted to was able to shoot a bow. There were lots of children present and they seemed to have a good time. Danielle loved it. She even said she would enjoy doing it for a fun hobby.

I can relate to Danielle's pleasure. I shot a little when I was a girl and I loved it too. There is just something rewarding about hitting that target. Maybe it has to do with the idea of instant success--as long as you hit I suppose. I wouldn't want to hit a live target though. Nick has asked me to go hunting with him, but I am just not quite sure I could end a living creature's life. But a cardboard creature would be just fine.

Wednesday and Thursday we went swimming at Betsy's house. The water felt so cool and refreshing. Although, I might add that the water temperature was at least 84 degrees both days. You know it's hot out when 84 feels cool. Oh, but it was fantastic!

I am so thankful to have such a wonderful friend as Betsy. She has been such a positive influence in my life this past year. She has been a steady encouragement to me in my writing and everything else in my life. She is a kind, patient, godly woman and has set such good examples for me as a wife, mother and friend. Anyway, her home is always open to anyone who needs it and I think that's quite commendable. If only I were so gracious.

Anyway, I have learned from this week's water fun that Chloe is quite the water baby. At first she was a little apprehensive about being in such a huge "tub," but once she realized she was safe she truly enjoyed it. The children and I were laughing because after she had been in the pool for at least a half hour, she looked up at me with delight all over her fact, pointed to the water, and said, "wahwah!" as if she was just noticing it for the first time. We thought it was funny. She is as refreshing as that pool water any day!

Then yesterday, I went to visit my good friend Brandi in Edinboro. I had not seen her in quite a while. She had a baby boy seven weeks ago--right on mother's day, I might add--and I have hardly had the chance to really visit with her since then. Oh we talk on the phone, but it's just never quite as nice as meeting face to face. And of course, I love seeing her kids. Including the baby she now has three, a boy, three, a girl, two, and of course the baby. I loved holding Baby Eric. It felt so nice to cradle an infant in my arms again. In fact, it brought back that maternal instinct to do it all over again. One more baby, God willing and we will be done. I'm already getting excited about it. Maybe this one will be a boy!

We were also able to get into our new house last night. We are going to rent for a year and then buy take out a mortgage. We are so excited to finally be able to own our own place. It's much better than renting. Hopefully, all goes well.

Well, Chloe is sleeping, as she usually is when I do this, so I had better go finish laundry and all that good stuff before she wakes up. Have a good evening!