Wednesday, July 25, 2007

God's Gifts

Hello! I have missed you all so much, but am now officially back. I will get back to my "writing blogs" very soon, but first I thought you might like an update of what's been going on in my life during the last month.

We had a lovely and relaxing camping trip. I didn't think I would really be able to relax with thoughts of cleaning, packing, unpacking, and lifting heavy objects looming over my head. Amazingly enough I was still able to. I used the time away as an opportunity to push all my trivial responsibilities out of my mind. I say trivial responsibilities because the important ones never leave. I am always a wife and mother and I wouldn't change that for the world. Sure we all need breaks or solitary time once in a while, but being with my family in a relaxing setting was very enjoyable. Family is one of my favorite God given gifts!

This year's camping trip was very healing for me because last year's trip was filled with pain and anxiety. Right before we went camping we learned that the baby I was carrying no longer had a heartbeat. The doctors insisted I wait ten days to repeat the sonogram just to be sure there was no mistake. It was the hardest ten days of my life, hopeful that maybe everything was going to be ok, but knowing in my heart the reality of the situation. Camping was a good distraction, but a heavy cloud hung over my head the entire time.

When we got back from that trip the inevitable happened. I had a D&C and my period of recovery and healing began. I spent this last year learning more about myself and what's really important in life, and strengthening my relationship with God. He taught me a lesson about patience. He taught me that things happen for a reason, and they also occur in His time because His timing is truly perfect--even when we don't understand why. Life lessons are also gifts from God. We grow from them and can use them to help others through similar experiences. A good friend of mind also experienced a miscarriage this year and I was able to help her through my experience.

We came back from this year's vacation and immediately delved into the hard work of moving our little family and home. It's been stressful but fun and exciting at the same time. We set up our new household and were very satisfied with it all. Nick and I, as well as Chloe would take a bedroom upstairs, while Danielle chose the basement. In the next few months Nick plans to finish off a room down there for her, while I finally got to have an office with the remaining bedroom upstairs. The office room is a small room actually, but I didn't care. It would be a separate place for me to do my writing and other projects that needed completed.

Well, as for that office, God had other plans. It will become the new nursery. Very conveniently located next to Mama and Dada's bedroom! Yes, we are having a baby! I hope and pray for a happy ending this time, but I certainly don't plan to spend the next nine months worrying about it. I am going to enjoy every single moment--the fatigue, hunger, sickness, aches and pains and all! The neat thing is that last year while I was camping I grieved the loss of a little life I would never meet. This year while camping, I unknowingly had a new life growing within me! Yet another gift from God. He sure does work in wonderful and mysterious ways, doesn't he?

Thank you for coming back to visit me! I look forward to catching up on all of your blogs! It's been a long time and I can't wait to see what I've missed!

Have a wonderful day!