Friday, June 17, 2005

A Few Quick Lines

It's almost lunch time. I put pizza in the oven for Sam and Alex. Danielle is at a friend's house, and Chloe still napping. However, I heard her stirring up there, so I imagine she will be getting up pretty soon.

Last night was a fun evening. Jan came to watch Chloe so Nick and I went for a quick evening run, before throwing on a change of clothes and then going to Nick's softball game. The run was outstanding--not me running mind you. I was huffing and puffing more than the little engine that could! It's amazing how quickly you can fall out of shape. We worked out hard all winter and have slacked the last month and a half. We ran out by the prison that is near our house. There is a road that is heavily wooded with pine. The birds were singing, and the smells reminded me of the wild strawberry plants of my youth. It made the run much easier without a doubt. I could easily focus my mind amidst those sights, sounds, and smells and forget about the pain. Isn't that what life is really about? Focusing on the beauty, rather than hardship.

Anyway, after the game we went shopping for Danielle's birthday. We had a nice time. I am excited to give her the gifts. They weren't anything terribly exciting, but I know she will enjoy them. She is very appreciative. I got her a couple craft kits. One had a loom to make beaded bracelets and jewelry and the other was a sewing kit. She has been begging me to teach her to sew, and I thought this would be a great way to start out. I also got her a small cross stitch kit. It has a smiley face on it and says "Just Chillin." It suits her perfectly. The fun part will be teaching her how to do all this neat stuff.

Well, I am trying to get a lot done today, so I must leave for now. I will try and write later if I have some time. Ta Ta!

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