Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Blog Baby

I have four lovely daughters, spanning the ages of nearly three to almost 18 years old.  Each and every one of them fills me up, gives my life meaning and teaches me every bit as much as I like to think I teach them.  In my eyes, they're quite amazing.  I also have another baby.  You may think it's odd, but in a way it's true.  You can track its growth and development within these electronic pages you're reading now.  Perhaps the title has given it away...

In 2005, my blog baby was born.  It began as an online journal of rambling thoughts and memories in the making.  It was Lisa's Blog, nothing more; nothing less.  Toward the end of 2006, I revamped, refocused and renamed what is now "Getting it Write for You, a blog of encouragement, learning and inspiration for writers of all genres." 
In 2007, I had a wonderfully productive year.  I posted regularly, made lots of writing friends (many of whom I still hold near and dear to my heart), and I had a great little freelance business going.  I learned so much about marketing, how useful having writing skills is in the world of business, and what I was actually capable of as a writer.  Great stuff!

The problem is, I don't write much here anymore.  There are plenty of reasons why, or excuses as some would say.  One of the main being that because much like my blog, my life has changed over the years too.  When I began in 2005, I only had two children.  It was a very focused and inspired time of my life.  I was freelancing regularly and had enough work to bring in a modest little income at part-time hours.  Many of the jobs I acquired were a direct result of networking and the content I wrote here.

When I found out I was pregnant with our third child, Amara I chose to slow things down.  Since she was going to be our last baby (ha ha), I really wanted to enjoy her to the fullest extent.  Babies don't keep, you know, so I thought this quite important.  About 18 months after her birth we learned Giana was on the way!  Blogging and most all other writing became something I longed to do, but was too busy or tired to attempt.     

Over the last few months, I've been considering retiring Getting it Write for You.  My writing here has become stale, stagnant, and uninspired - that's when I write.  I'm no longer freelancing - and freelance writing and all things related were what most of my posts were about.  How can I continue to blog about such things when I'm no longer in that realm? 

Getting it Write for You restricts me.  It seems bogus and the blog doesn't really fit my life anymore.  Now I'm in the world of parenting, working a part-time job from home and squeezing the writing in when and where I can.  

But I've thought about it for a good long time and despite it all, I’ve decided not to quit Getting it Write for You.  I wouldn’t quit one of my daughters because they didn’t quite "conform" to the way my life has changed.  We’d readjust and work it out and that’s exactly what I’m going to do here.  I've released myself from this crazy notion that I must devote every single post to freelance writing.  Maybe sometimes I will, but other things do apply.  Everything in life - every moment we experience; every song we hear; every breath we take serves to only enrich our writing if we choose to let it. 

So as I did several years ago, I'm changing the scope of my blog and I'm going to write about whatever moves me in the moment.  I'll not change the title because I long to make this a meaningful place for you, too!  May Getting it Write for You continue to teach, encourage and inspire all who visit! 

Monday, April 15, 2013

A New Day Will Dawn: Boston Marathon Explosions

What do you say after hearing about a tragedy like what happened today in Boston?  The unthinkable has happened again?  Such a senseless act!  So unnecessary.  Why?   In times like these I think first of the victims, in this case the three (possibly more) whose lives were so unexpectedly snatched from them.  Naturally, thoughts of their families ensue - indeed victims, as well.

Relational set-ups come to mind.  Children suddenly motherless or fatherless, mothers and fathers who've lost a child, folks who've lost their brother, sister, friend or neighbor.  We can all relate to that somehow.  We all feel the heartbreak.    

For those who lost limbs and sustained horrific injuries, their bodies will heal.  They'll go on living, but the scars will surely run deep.  Will they ever feel safe?  A false comfort inside their hearts (our hearts) broke eternally today.  The reality is, senseless violence happens everywhere every day.  Today it was America's reality, and among our beloved people.  We are not exempt.     

Yet somehow in the midst of the wickedness, we are reminded still of community, caring and kindness.  Watching the footage, people were scurrying about in a panic. Fear and concern were embedded in furrowed brows and hurried paces - not for the sake of their own lives, but to help the injured who were fighting for theirs.  Police officers and firefighters were doing everything in their power to ensure calm and safety in the midst of chaos.  Of course, who could forget the officials who are on the task of finding out who’s responsible?  They'll not be sleeping tonight. 

Yes, it's senseless.  It's beyond unfortunate and just plain wrong.  When I go to bed tonight (as I've done since I heard) I will pray for everyone involved in this hateful act, but I also know that we can take solace in that tomorrow a new day will dawn.  Evil will be brought to justice and the goodness of people will prevail.

photo credit: LenDog64 via photopin cc