Monday, August 21, 2006

Getting it Done Part II

Well, I entitled my last blog "Getting It Done." Well, I never got it done becauses I never got around to why I tiltled it as such. I was too busy trying to figure how to download pictures. But we spent the other half of that weekend landscaping and making our yard beautiful. I will try and download pictures.

Here is Chloe helping us to water the plants in the hosta ring. I put some black-eyed suzans in the middle.

Here is the hosta ring completed.

This is the front before we mulched it. I don't think I have a picture since we mulched it and finished planting. I will get on that tomorrow.

But here's one that has some of the plants with red mulch.

And here's one that is simply cute! Love that sleepy face!

What an angel! I need to count my blessings--she is definitely one of them.

Anyway, those are just a couple projects that have been nearly completed since Nick has been on second shift. It has been a real treat and it is exciting to see how God really does care about our happiness. Nick was nearly at the end of his rope working on third shift. It was hard for him both physically and mentally to work all night only to come home and get three or four hours of sleep. It would be hard for anyone really. But we prayed about it. A couple good friends prayed, and the girls and I prayed. Then one night, when Nick was almost at the end of his rope he called home and told me that he was going to be able to work second shift for five or six weeks while he filled for a man that just had knee surgery. It wasn't permanent but it was a much needed break--and were we ever excited and thankful!

Well, we are going on six weeks this week. We have still been praying. Over the weekend, Nick was told that he could have second shift for good if he wanted it. Of course he didn't even have to think about it. He wants it. God cares about Nick. He cares about whether he is happy. He cares about us all. Even me. Undeserving me. How great is our God? Thank you, God, for your never ending, goodness.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Getting it Done

We have spent the last few days having lots of fun and being productive--even the productive part was fun! The weather was gorgeous on Satruday--not too hot and certainly not as humid as it has been recently. We spent most of the day outside trying to decide what we should do. By 4:0pm we decided to go to Presque Isle and go grocery shopping after. We got there just in time to let the girls play while we caught a few rays. We chose a spot that appeared to be clean, put our blanket down, and let the girls go at it. Just as Nick and I were thinking that we could really enjoy this, Chloe frantically announced to us that she had to go to the bathroom. That's even worse than getting all the winter gear on--the gloves, the hats, the snowsuits, and boots--and making the famous bathroom announcement. LOL. That's ok. We took care of that and then enjoyed the rest of our trip--at least until Danielle informed us that she didn't bring her clothes. Fortunately, I brought an extra outfit and we are not too far off in size. Fun! Fun! Fun!

I will try and post a picture. I really liked this one--perhaps it's just because I like Chloe's fat little pudgies, or maybe its the way the water is just about to rush over them. It just looks neat. I can't believe how long it takes to upload pictures! Surely there is an easier way... Hmm... Well, maybe I won't be posting as many as I was hoping to tonight. Tomorrow, I had better ask my blogging friend if there is a more time efficient way of doing this.

Well, "tomorrow" has now become "today." I have had a difficult time with this picture postijng thing. Still optimistic... Yes! Mission accomplished. Here are a couple others that I liked.

Danielle, Chloe and Nick playing in the water. Chloe was afraid to be down in the water by herself so Nick and I had to carry her the whole time we were in there. The water was so clean and clear.

Here is another one of Chloe and Danielle that I liked quite a bit. In light of my picture posting struggles, I am closing for tonight. Believe me, this has taken two days. But I have learned a lot and next time the experience will go much smoother. Right? And I will ask my blogger friend (That's you, Bets!) why my text is blue and underlined!!!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Forget the Chores!

This evening as I sit down to blog, I have that nagging feeling that you get at the end of the day when you do not accomplish all that you wanted for that day. I could have but I guess essentially, I chose not to. Exactly how does the day slip away anyway? After all, I got up early this morning and felt ambitious right from the start. But it seems that I must walk around in circles. By the time I got myself and Chloe dressed and ready for the day, and my bed made, it was already time to make lunch. And lunch seems to take forever. I prepare for four children and my husband. Plus, I have to make an extra meal for him to take to work. And of course, that meal should be at least somewhat different than noon time lunch. So that means extra preparation and cutting and cleaning up. Don't get me wrong, I am not whining, but if I could just add an extra couple hours to my day that sure would be great.

After lunch I still had laundry, and mopping, and vacuuming to do, calls to make, and those darned ceiling fans that have been begging for a dusting for two weeks now. None of it got done! But I decided to take the children swimming at my dear friend Betsy's house. Double bonus! The children and I get a brief reprieve from the heat, and I get to visit with a great lady--who, by the way, just got back from Europe!

We got home late afternoon and while Chloe was sleeping, I went for a run. I didn't really feel like it, but I have committed myself to running and getting in shape, so I went anyway. I had a great workout! Again, I ignored my chores.... But summer will be coming to an end before we know it and it is better to enjoy life while we can. I once read a poem that asked, " One hundred years from now, who will remember that your dishes did not get done?" Live life! Love it! Love your family and friends--and sometimes it is ok to forget the chores!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Crazy Summer Days

Ninety degrees and rising! It is sooo hot outside. The children have been outside spraying each other with squirt guns and the hose trying to stay cool. They love it and to be honest, I enjoy watching them--even though in the back of my mind I am thinking about the expensive water bill that will result. Oh well. It's worth a few extra dollars for them to have fun. And what's money anyway?

Well, once again it has been a while since I have written, and once again much has happened. This year has been filled with sadness and we were not left out from the "sadness" category. Nick and I had been trying to conceive since last fall. We were not trying real hard, and we figured it would just happen when God felt the time was right. In the early weeks of May we learned that we were expecting and were we excited! I felt scared and apprehensive because my postpartum period was so difficult with Chloe, but I put all my faith in the Lord and just knew it would be fine. After all, He knows what He is doing and I figured He felt I was ready.

The pregnancy was uneventful. I had no morning sickness at all, and practically no fatigue--at least compared to what I had with Danielle and Chloe. I felt great! At about nine weeks of pregnancy , my doctor wanted to date the pregnancy just to make sure of the due date. She ordered an ultrasound. Nick was unable to go with me becuase he had to pick his cousin up at the airport. I wasn't concerned at all because I figured it would be fun to take Danielle. Plus we still had the 20 week sonogram to look forward to.

Imagine my shock when we could find no heartbeat. All my excitement and hope for the future was gone in just one instant. It was horrible. I then had to wait ten days to repeat the sonogram. Doctors told me that it was still possible that the fetus was still alive although the chances were not good. For a week I lived on hope, after that reality set in. Ten days after the sonogram I had surgery to terminate the pregnancy.

These were difficult days, but I trust completely in the Lord. I know He has His reasons for everything. Obviously, there was something wrong with the baby. If nothing else, it was a great reminder of how strong I am and of what an outstanding husband I have. He was right there with me and for me the entire time. What a blessing! I have two healthy girls and I am thankful for them. Am I still sad? Yes. There's no question, but I find peace in the knowledge that God is good and He is in full control.