Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Beginnings!

This summer I watched my husband, Nick, use all the strength he had to accomplish something that many people, including myself, could never even fathom. At the last minute, his uncle asked him to go down to VA and participate in an adventure run. The run included mountain biking, canoeing, and running for over 24 hours. It was the most grueling race he had ever participated in.

Nick, who is an avid biker and runner, was not adequately trained for a race of this nature, and never realized how difficult it would be. In the beginning he wanted to quit more than anything else in the world, but he refused to let his team down. Instead, he readjusted his attitude and did the best he could. It took their team about 26 hours to complete the race.

I didn’t go to VA with him. I stayed home and literally prayed the entire weekend he was gone. I worried about his physical safety…mountain biking, canoeing, mixed in with rain and thunderstorms can be dangerous. But after it was all over, I was able to sit back and reflect on what he had really accomplished…his body was more than capable of doing what he did, but most impressive to me was that he overcame the biggest mental mountain in his life!

It made me wonder what kind of stuff I am made of. Introspective questions began surfacing in my mind. For example, how would I cope if tragedy struck my life, or am I capable of actually setting realistic goals and really sticking with them?

Inspired by my husband, I decided that though I am physically capable, I need to do some inner strength training! I have challenged myself to try and overcome some of the mental challenges in my life in order to be a more successful individual. I have two main goals for my life right now. I will do something physically good for my body every day, because for me that’s a mental thing. My body can easily run three to five miles a day, or do Pilates, or ride a bike. It’s my brain that tells me not to!

My other goal is to really focus on my writing career again. It’s a challenge for me, not because of overcoming mental stuff, but because I have to learn how to balance my life better. A 14-year-old, a five-year-old, and a toddler can really take a toll on one’s ability to organize and structure life. But it’s not impossible. In fact, moms and dads all over have found great success with their freelancing careers. It’s all about how much they want it, and what they are willing to do to accomplish it.

I suppose this is about self-esteem in a sense. Not that mine is unhealthy, but isn’t it great to know what you’re made of? Nick does. What he did amazes me! I will probably never participate in a race like that, but it’s the daily race of life that we all participate in! Shouldn’t we strive to be the best we can be?

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