Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Reading Material

A couple months ago, a very thoughtful lady gave me a $50 gift card to Barnes and Nobles. I was completely flattered by her gesture, but didn't run right out and spend it. It was fun to know that I had it, and could treat myself whenever I was ready.

Last week, I finally went ahead and used my card. I bought the 2010 Writer's Market, and a subscription to Writer's Digest. I thought they would be excellent tools to keep me motivated toward my writing goals. I believe strongly in keeping the fire fueled.

Since, I had a migraine headache on Monday night, I spent most of yesterday on the couch relaxing with my new Writer's Market. It was so much fun! Who would have thought I'd ever be thankful to have had a migraine? Well, crazy at is sounds, I was got me a few steps ahead and ready to do some serious writing!

I hope everyone's having a wonderful and productive week!


Kerrie said...

I love Writers Market and Writers Digest.Great investments. My writer friends think I am crazy to love reading Writers Market as much as I do. I get a colored pen, sticky notes. As I read I mark potential markets and write in the margins what I can submit. It is a great way to spend an afternoon or evening.

Happy Reading!

Lisa Vella said...


It's so wonderful to see you here at my blog again. I have been quite absent over the last year or so.

No, I don't think you are crazy at all...if you are then I am too because I experience the same excitement! I couldn't wait to read through all the articles. After that, I devoured the markets, made lists of those I could submit to, and article ideas for those magazines! It's so much fun, and really keeps me inspired. I don't think we are nuts...we are writers! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

blue ray said...

Hi Lisa vella Its nice to see you again after a long time. I was missing your article a lot. I request you to adjust some time for your blog and keep blogging regularly.

hilywatson said...

Writer's Market is a place where writers gets lot about writing. You are on perfect track. Just go through it regularly and I am sure you will find always something new and innovative which HELPS you lot in your writing. Great productive work you have done.