Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

As a child, one of my fondest memories was of waking up at the crack of dawn only to smell the delightful scent of turkey raosting in the oven! My brother and I rarely ate breakfast. Instead of filling our minds with thoughts of all the wonderful food we would stuff our bellies with at noon - mashed potatoes, corn, homemeade rolls and all the traditional foods that we looked forward to - we distracted our thoughts of hunger by watching the Macy's Day Parade, and sneaking little tidbits of food from the counters.

This year, I get to have Thanksgiving at my house. My husband's family will come and there will be a house full of cheerful laughter and conversation, and not to forget the satisfied grunts and lip smacking that go along with a hearty meal! I will carry on my tradition of making my "famous homemade rolls" and a whole bunch of other very yummy goodies. It will be fun - busy, but fun!

I hope you all get to spend your Thanksgiving carrying on the traditions that make you the happiest, and most of all, I hope that you have as much to be thankful for as I do!

Have a very Blessed Thanksgiving!


Mig said...

Well, we do not celebrate Thanksgiving in Germany, but ... thank you for being my friend, Lisa!

Lisa Vella said...


I am truly blessed, as well! Thank you for being my friend!

Love Ya!


Mig said...

Are you in holiday again? ;) Miss you!

Michele Tune said...

Hi Lisa,

Perhaps you're carbed out on stuffing and pie? I'm with Mig--miss you!

Just wanted to let you know I gave you a little link love in today's post :-)


Lisa Vella said...

Thanks a lot, Ladies! Too much tryptophan, I guess! LOL! I will get on the ball!

Love ya!