Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Little Attitude!

Tuesday's meme was a good experience for me. It allowed me to step back and reassess who I am blogging to and whether I am meeting all of their needs. Carson Brackney not only tagged me with the meme, but he also took the time to break down my questions and give me some much needed feedback. In addition to the color issues that I will be taking care of, he pointed out that it would be nice to see a few attitude and perspective pieces. I won't be giving you "attitude" mind you, but for today I will stray away from the educational element of my blog.

I have been faithfully reading other's blogs for about a month now. I enjoy reading about people's lives--more specifically their successes. I happened upon Temlyn Writing today and read that she was having a hard time posting to her blog because she recently got a new gig. She just got hired as a copy editor and proofreader for Chippewa Publishing. Good for her! Her success is great inspiration for me.

I don't enjoy reading the negative stuff, but I appreciate it when people post about them because others may learn from those situations. Leigh Zaykoski of Wealth of Words recently posted about her frustration with a client that won't pay. This post reminded me (as a newbie to freelancing) of the importance of making sure you get contracts and keep records of everything. Kathy Kehrli of Screw You! posted about the frustrations of her web server being down last week. So although I don't hope for entries about the non-pleasantries in peoples' lives, they do serve a purpose. We all have bad days. Our job is to rise above them. Perhaps these posts allows us to do just that.

I am happy to report a minor success in my writing business. I recently got an email from a man who had somehow managed to find my web site and blog. He is looking for someone to edit his book proposal and possibly for some help writing his book. I could see from viewing my site statistics that he spent a lot of time reading my blog and web site. Hopefully this is an indicator that he is seriously considering me for this job. I realize that nothing may come of it, but to me it's still success because someone found my site, and took me seriously enough to consider hiring me. Yippee!

There's my little two cents to the blogging community. Take it for what it's worth! See ya next time!


Matt Keegan said...

Congratulations on the book editing job, Lisa. It is always great to hear when people visit one's site, read something, and then take action.

I hope that this is one of many doors that open up for you.

Lisa Vella said...

Thank you, Matt! I hope it to be the beginning of many! ave a great weekend!

Irreverent Freelancer said...

Hi Lisa, I think it's A-okay if you decide not to give any attitude on your blog. There are plenty of us who do that already. I think that's what I like most about reading your look at things from an entirely different perspective from mine. I started my blog specifically to showcase my attitude, but there's room for all types in the blogosphere. P.S. I'll be responding to your email momentarily. Sorry it took me so long!

Betsy Henning said...

If you have a great personality like yours and good information to share you hardly need attitude/!

This reader loves you just the way you are -- apparently I'm not alone in that!

Lisa Vella said...

Aww...shucks! You all make me feel so loved! But I do think Carson is right, opinion is good and a great way to express who you are as an individual. Part of the fun of blogging is getting to know people beyond their craft. So I do plan to throw a little more of "me" in my blog--but "attitude"--well, anyone who really knows me, knows I have a "little" attitude indeed!;) I don't easily get worked up. Thank you everyone for your comments, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

sylvia c. said...


I enjoyed reading your blog. I wanted to wish you the best of luck with your blog and with your freelance business.

Your attitude seems great, which always helps!


Sylvia C.