Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Our Many Roles

Many of us are parents, workers, athletes. Some are readers, bird watchers, pet owners and lovers. We are always writers, but we play many different roles in our lives. I took a few days off so that I could enjoy some of the other roles I play.

Sunday my husband and I were runners. We began our day at 6:00am so that we could drive to New York and run a 5K. Let’s just say that wasn’t the highlight of my day—or my favorite role! I love to run and exercise. We try to be active and live a healthy lifestyle, but running on a treadmill and running outside are two completely different running experiences! It took me 31 minutes to run 3.1 miles. I felt as though there were bricks attached to my feet! Would you like to know the worst part? I wanted to stop the moment I started. And I might have done just that, but Nick’s mom and dad came to support us. Turning around would have been mortifying! So I kept on running and I am glad I did.

The good news is we will be running another race in a couple of weeks and now that the weather is better I will be able to get in more outside runs. It will be a much better experience. I am a runner.

Monday the temperatures rose to over 70 degrees. We took on the role of landscaper and sunbather and did some spring cleanup. We tidied up the yard and cleaned out the car— much needed activities after a very long winter! All that work and sunshine was exhausting! I fell asleep before I could even consider turning my laptop on.

Yesterday was even nicer than Monday, so I played the role of fun mama and bad housekeeper. We played all day. Then I transformed back into good wifey and spent over three hours in the kitchen fixing an incredible lunch for Nick who has been working 12 hours all week for us. I realize how fortunate I am to have a husband who plays the hardworking breadwinner so I can stay home to be mama to our children—and writer whenever I can.

We are blessed to be complex people with many interests, pleasures, and activities in life. I hope you enjoy all the roles you play. In my next post I will be back as writer again. I plan to discuss the importance of keeping it simple as a writer. I hope to see you then.

Have a wonderful day!


Robin said...

Running is for me I like to long as there are no downhills or uphills and it is under 1/2 mile.

sylvia c. said...

I missed reading you!
But I am glad to hear that you did some living over the break.

That's what it's all about!

Long distance running can really teach ya something...

But, I was always a I never learned those lessons!

Sylvia C.

Lisa Vella said...

Robin, my husband and I enjoy all things outdoor related. We are blessed with a beautiful earth so should enjoy it to the hilt!

Sylvia, you always make me chuckle! Long distance running has taught me a lot about I ever have to endure anything I will be prepared. Right? ;)

Take care ladies!