Monday, March 19, 2007

Information Overload?

In one magazine I read today I learned some great information. Never let it be said that I am not a loyal friend to my fellow writers in the blogosphere. I thought it would only be considerate of me to share just a few tidbits of what I learned with all of you. Take it for what it’s worth.

Did you know that sipping four to six cups of black tea a day can significantly reduce high levels of stress in your body? Be sure, however, not to add milk as it interferes with the heart-healthy benefits that this practically holy beverage offers. Once you have had your quota of stress relief for the day, treat yourself to a snack of kiwi fruit, which is loaded with vitamin C, will help ward off spring colds, and give your skin a beautiful glow. If concerns of aging before your time plague your thoughts, try squeezing a pomegranate in with the kiwi to firm your skin, and erase wrinkles--and drink an extra cup of tea! After eating and drinking all that healthy good stuff, you surely deserve a treat! So go on and indulge yourself in America’s favorite Girl Scout cookie, the delectable chocolate covered Thin Mint! And that’s not all. Great news for you if you are a fidgeter! Go ahead; eat an extra cookie or two because you have the potential to burn up to 350 extra calories a day.

Information is everywhere! It's almost crazy. So what do we do with it all? There are a couple options to choose from. Option number one is to turn off our computers and televisions, and discontinue all of our magazine subscriptions. We could build ourselves a cabin in the wilderness and live off the land. I mean really, sometimes all that info is pretty darn stressful in itself.

Thank goodness that’s not the only option available. Information is good. It’s all a part of learning, and learning is what helps us to realize our potential. But first, we absolutely must make sure it’s accurate and our sources are legitimate. Then we can take all of that information one piece at a time and do something with it. We can apply it to our lives and make healthier choices. Or being the creative writers that we are, we can use that abundance of info for research and great stories. Don’t be afraid to add your own element to something already done. Don't let it overload you. Take that info and run with it!

Take care, and see ya next time!


Robin said...

Good news for us fidgeters! Enjoyed the info...Thanks.

Aaron said...

I was aware of a couple of these facts. I sway back and forth between tea and coffee. Coffee, I recently learned, is actually higher in anti-oxidants (Wired News). Anyway, it's quite true that information is everywhere, but as you said, "...we absolutely must make sure it's accurate and our sources are legitimate". This is quite true, and filtering half-truths from the mass media is becoming more and more difficult. While the Internet as a neutral entity, it is the greatest source of "clean" information, it's free nature allows it to get "dirty" very quickly (see Wikipedia, for example). So the question is, what's the best way to validate that the information we're recieving (either from mass media or the Internet) is accurate? I intend to write an article about just that. It will probably happen later, when I'm less lazy. Cheers!


Lisa Vella said...

Robin and Aaron, thank you for your comments! I have also heard coffee is extremely high in anti-oxidants--although supposedly there is a tea called guayaki yerba matte that has more anti-oxidants than coffee and green tea. I have tried it and it's not bad. Anyway, good luck with your article. That will make a great topic--one that will be useful for many people I am sure! Take care!


sylvia c. said...

I get overwhelmed with info at times, and then it excites me at times, too.

I probably won't go "the wilderness route" but it certainly is nice to have a break from all the noise!

nice post!


Sylvia C.

Betsy Henning said...

I already live in the wilderness -- and my computer is dail-up connected (spell that s-l-o-w). So I guess I don't get too much info too fast. Or do I mean not fast enough? But I'm interested in the Girl Scout cookie to go with my tea AND coffee. How do you get those out here in the sticks?

Good info. Keep it coming.