Monday, August 07, 2006

Getting it Done

We have spent the last few days having lots of fun and being productive--even the productive part was fun! The weather was gorgeous on Satruday--not too hot and certainly not as humid as it has been recently. We spent most of the day outside trying to decide what we should do. By 4:0pm we decided to go to Presque Isle and go grocery shopping after. We got there just in time to let the girls play while we caught a few rays. We chose a spot that appeared to be clean, put our blanket down, and let the girls go at it. Just as Nick and I were thinking that we could really enjoy this, Chloe frantically announced to us that she had to go to the bathroom. That's even worse than getting all the winter gear on--the gloves, the hats, the snowsuits, and boots--and making the famous bathroom announcement. LOL. That's ok. We took care of that and then enjoyed the rest of our trip--at least until Danielle informed us that she didn't bring her clothes. Fortunately, I brought an extra outfit and we are not too far off in size. Fun! Fun! Fun!

I will try and post a picture. I really liked this one--perhaps it's just because I like Chloe's fat little pudgies, or maybe its the way the water is just about to rush over them. It just looks neat. I can't believe how long it takes to upload pictures! Surely there is an easier way... Hmm... Well, maybe I won't be posting as many as I was hoping to tonight. Tomorrow, I had better ask my blogging friend if there is a more time efficient way of doing this.

Well, "tomorrow" has now become "today." I have had a difficult time with this picture postijng thing. Still optimistic... Yes! Mission accomplished. Here are a couple others that I liked.

Danielle, Chloe and Nick playing in the water. Chloe was afraid to be down in the water by herself so Nick and I had to carry her the whole time we were in there. The water was so clean and clear.

Here is another one of Chloe and Danielle that I liked quite a bit. In light of my picture posting struggles, I am closing for tonight. Believe me, this has taken two days. But I have learned a lot and next time the experience will go much smoother. Right? And I will ask my blogger friend (That's you, Bets!) why my text is blue and underlined!!!

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