Monday, August 21, 2006

Getting it Done Part II

Well, I entitled my last blog "Getting It Done." Well, I never got it done becauses I never got around to why I tiltled it as such. I was too busy trying to figure how to download pictures. But we spent the other half of that weekend landscaping and making our yard beautiful. I will try and download pictures.

Here is Chloe helping us to water the plants in the hosta ring. I put some black-eyed suzans in the middle.

Here is the hosta ring completed.

This is the front before we mulched it. I don't think I have a picture since we mulched it and finished planting. I will get on that tomorrow.

But here's one that has some of the plants with red mulch.

And here's one that is simply cute! Love that sleepy face!

What an angel! I need to count my blessings--she is definitely one of them.

Anyway, those are just a couple projects that have been nearly completed since Nick has been on second shift. It has been a real treat and it is exciting to see how God really does care about our happiness. Nick was nearly at the end of his rope working on third shift. It was hard for him both physically and mentally to work all night only to come home and get three or four hours of sleep. It would be hard for anyone really. But we prayed about it. A couple good friends prayed, and the girls and I prayed. Then one night, when Nick was almost at the end of his rope he called home and told me that he was going to be able to work second shift for five or six weeks while he filled for a man that just had knee surgery. It wasn't permanent but it was a much needed break--and were we ever excited and thankful!

Well, we are going on six weeks this week. We have still been praying. Over the weekend, Nick was told that he could have second shift for good if he wanted it. Of course he didn't even have to think about it. He wants it. God cares about Nick. He cares about whether he is happy. He cares about us all. Even me. Undeserving me. How great is our God? Thank you, God, for your never ending, goodness.


Betsy Henning said...

Yes, yes, yes!!! I've been afraid to ask when 2nd shift would end, I just kept praying that it wouldn't. Check that prayer off. I'm happy for you both. Really happy.

Love, Bets

Betsy Henning said...

Oooh, I've got to get over there and see the finished landscape projects. The pictures are great. Which is cuter: the busy, Chloe helper, or the sleeping Chloe angel? Can't decide.