Thursday, March 02, 2006

It's a Blogging Thing

Well, I've decided not to give up on this whole blogging thing. It really is fun, I enjoy it, and I am getting practice in as a writer. Plus, I can take a look back at my past when I am feeling nostalgic, or even if I just want to remember when certain event occurred.

Life is busy and that's my biggest excuse. It always is, you know. But from now on I will scold myself when I begin saying that. If I want to do something bad enought I should make the time. Hmm...if only I could do that literally. I'd be rich.

I took over the Worship and Production newsletter at my church this month. I have been editing and writing for it for several months now, but I am now in charge of the entire thing. I finished my first edition today. The deadline is always the first Thursday of every month. I had so much fun putting it together. It's very much like writing. You switch things here and tweak them there and before you know it you have a piece of art. It really is quite exciting and I am so thankful that I have an opportunity to serve God with my gifts in a way that is so fun and rewarding.

Today is the first day of March. I'm not sure if it came in like a lion or a lamb. It was sort of an in betweener--although we did have quite an ice storm. Several schools either closed or were on a delay. Not Cambridge though.

Well, I must go for the evening. I will try to make more time for this. I come and I go. Hey! It's a bloggin' thing, right?

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Betsy Henning said...

Glad to have you back on the blog track!!! Keep 'em coming.