Tuesday, November 22, 2005

My Inspiration

My dear friend Betsy is my inspiration to blog today! I wanted to check my last blog and see if anyone left a post, and by golly, Betsy did. And her posts are always charming and witty and make me smile. So, of course, I thought, "I should check Betsy's blog and see if she has posted recently?" I checked and she had. She posted yesterday, when I know she had many other things to do--spend all morning on the phone with me and visiting at my house, as well as edit my article for the Worhip Team Newsletter at 11:00pm. (Thanks Bets! You are a love). Furthermore, her post was about blogging when not in the mood to blog. Yikes! She really guilted me into it. But I need that, you know!

Anyway, Betsy is my inspiration in many ways, not just in blogging. For some reason, I feel particularly drawn to her lately. I have grown in so many ways since meeting her. I have known her for many years. I think Danielle was only two when we first met at the Christian and Missionary Alliance church in Cambridge Springs. I always respected her as an upright Christian woman, but did not really know her that well--just well enough to know she was special. As the years have gone by, we stayed in contact, but not on a regular basis.

Fortunately, Nick was renting a home they owned when we first began dating, and that brought us back into contact again. But it wasn't really until Chloe was born that we really began to nurture a relationship. I was anxious and she wanted to write, so a friendship blossomed. Who would have thought? Oh! and of course, I wanted to write, as well.

Which brings me to another point of inspiration. She has kept me on track with my writing. I have published many articles on the internet, begun writing for my church newsletter, and am even going to be taking over the Worhip Team Newletter at my church. Where would I be right now without Betsy? We get together once a week to encourage and inspire and hold each other accountable.

What's even more, is that she has taught me so much about what it is to be a Christian woman--not that I am always, but I sure do try. Well, anyway, Bets, I love ya! Thanks for the inspiration! Maybe I'll go check out some discount tires!


Betsy Henning said...

Awwww, shucks, it's nothin'. Thanks for all the nice words and way too much credit. You, of course, got me going on my writing track and you know it. We'll keep on investing time and effort as long as the Lord calls us to -- right?

Rachel said...
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