Saturday, March 04, 2006

Home Sweet Home

What a nice day! I lit some candles so when the sunshine wasn't shining, I had my own! Plus, the candles smell wonderful. I dusted, and scrubbed the stove top, and began phase one of what I will call "Cupboard Overhaul." Today I worked on the tupperware does that get disorganized so quickly? We have only lived here since August!

All the other cupboards are just as bad--except, of course, the dishes cupboard that fell off the wall. That was rather funny--once we knew that Danielle was ok, that is. We have been working on home renovations since we moved in and recently Nick and a friend did some work that took away some of the cupboard stability. One evening, Danielle climbed up on the counter and used the cupboard to pull herself up so she could get a glass. She pulled the entire cupboard down off the wall--talk about brute strength! As a result, most of those dishes were broken. Well, that's ok, we didn't really like what we had. It was a great excuse to buy new. Anyway, all this to tell you about cleaning cupboards.

I worked my afternoon away and I enjoyed it. I figured that way I could work on something I enjoy this evening and not feel guilty about it.

When Nick came home we all hung out as a family. Danielle and Nick played pin ball, and I worked on my cross stitch project--ok so I tried my hand at a game, too. I want to finish my cross stitch so that I can begin crotcheting a blanket for Nick. I am excited about making him something for him to treasure. Of course, sometimes I wonder if these crafty projects are nothing more than an excuse not to write. Well, maybe, but somehow I am going to figure out how to do everything. Anyone have any ideas?

Right now Nick is making dinner. We didn't have a lot of food in the cupboards and he is always so good at making something out of nothing. Me? I'm good at making bread and other baked goodies.

Hmm...Something smells yummy. How blessed my life is. I am so happy to have a wonderful husband to make me dinner, and candles, and food to make my home smell like home. Home sweet home, that's where I am right now and I thank God for all of that.

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Betsy Henning said...

Your blog reminded me of the candles at your house yesterday. I forgot to tell you what a nice touch they were. The candle light flickering on your ceramic counter top made everything sparkle. It brightened up my day! Was it the dancing candle flame, the freshly scrubbed kitchen or your good company? I'm thinking it was all of the above.