Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Spring and Sunshine

Spring and sunshine. That's what I titled today's blog. Kind of cheesy? Yes, I suppose, but I guess I am on a weather kick. The truth is, when I think of something enlightening, it always seems to relate somehow to the weather and nature. Nothing is quite so cheery as the sun. When I wake in the morning, it is so much easier to drag myself out of bed when the sun shines warm on my face (even if Chloe is getting me up at 6:00am).

Really, I don't mind getting up early anymore, at least not like I did when I was 20 or so. These days, sometimes I even wake up in the wee hours of the night eagerly anticipating the morning's arrival, (believe me, I know how strange that sounds). But there is much to look forward to--listening to the birds go wild outside my window as I lay awake in bed, watching GMA, and of course, spending time with friends and family. Every day is filled with hope. Hope for the day, hope for tomorrow and hope for all the tomorrows after that. If the day is lousy, I have grown enough to know that today's sorrows are only temporary and that with tomorrow comes renewed hope.

Today I met with my writer friend, Betsy. We had a productive day and she has renewed my inspiration. We meet once a week and it is good. I think our time together keeps us motivated and focused on our writing goals. For example, today Betsy came over with a completed article for the column that she plans to write for a Christian magazine. I, of course, had nothing completed this week. All I really did was set up this blog site, and do some research for the article that I want to get published. But Betsy's completed work inspired me anew! I feel as though I must get something done so as not to disappoint Betsy. After all, why should she be doing all the hard work. Somehow it just doesn't seem fair to her. And when you get right down to it, I am not being fair to myself. I have this great idea for an article, and I am not even giving myself a chance.

I am scared. I am fearful of making myself look a fool. I am fearful of not succeeding. I am fearful of not following through. These fears are ridiculous, I realize. I alone hold the key to my success. I must not allow fear to control me. This is part of what was reinforced in the 12 week writing course that Betsy and I completed together. So I must be brave, and I will be brave. And so will you, Bets!

Well, I can hear my little Chloe rustling through papers that somehow I don't think she should be rustling through. So I had better be off! To-do-loo!

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Betsy Henning said...

I was so excited to have a comment from you, and quickly thought, I'll bet Lisa was doing some blogging of her own. Sure 'nuff.

Great job today. Good encouragement for us both! Thanks. Bets