Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Drizzly day

Well, here I am. Inside. Sitting at my computer desk. Blogging because I have no excuse to keep me from it. Oh I could be doing dishes or laundry, but I would rather be blogging. Anyway, I don't expect to walk out to the kitchen to find the dishes swishing around in hot sudsy water, cleansing themselves. I trust that they, along with the dirty clothes will wait for me.

I just read through Betsy's blogs. She has been so diligent with her blogging. In fact, she has written every day since she got her account set up. Man, you're good! Me? Well, I warned you in my first entry that staying committed to this journaling thing does not always work for me. But, hey! Here I am. The truth is, weekends are usually so busy. This is family time and this past weekend was jam packed with stuff to do. Saturday we spent our day as garage sale gurus! We hit the sales and we meant business. A quick glance through prices and stuff and then on to the next one. I managed to get some brand new shirts and sweaters for Danielle for next fall. And they were cheap, cheap, cheap! I love a bargain.

After saling we stopped at Walnut Creek right next to Lake Erie. We ate subs from Teresa's Deli and then played along the shore. Danielle was thrilled because she got to go to the beach two days in a row. Friday she and I went on a field trip with her school. First we visited the Brig Ship Niagara and learned about the history of the ship. It was very interesting. Of course, I think the children knew more about it's history than our guide. Let's just say he was a little dry. But no big deal. It's amazing to think that so many years ago, there was a real war happening on our little lake, right near the shores of where we live.

Anyway, after that, we stopped and ate at McDonalds, and then went to Presque Isle for a treasure hunt. The children were given a list of things to find and a bag to put them in. They went scurrying all over the beach--each one trying to find the most interesting treasures before someone else did. Danielle and some of her friends were excited at finding beach glass--jagged edges worn down from nature's washing. Their delight was as refreshing as the waves on the shore. It was a fun day, and so was Saturday. I was as excited about my garage sale treasures as the children were at theirs.

What is that? Do I hear dishes? I think they are calling my name. Well, if they are, I guess I am either going to be rich or committed, right? Well, enjoy the day, dripy and drizzly as it is!

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