Friday, July 25, 2008

Toadally Cool, Huh?

While my family and I were away on vacation, we visited a beautiful park in Warren, PA called Jake's Rocks. If you have a fear of heights, this is not the place for you. Its gorgeous views can be hundreds of feet up in the air in certain places. But it was truly spectacular--so spectacular, in fact, that my camera really didn't do it any justice.

I think the picture of the toad ranks up there as one of my favorite pictures ever. He was camouflaged so well, that I almost didn't see him. Really. My husband said, "Hey! Look at that toad," and I looked for a full minute before I spotted him hiding amongst the leaves.

We spent much of our vacation time outside this year--reconnecting with God, His gifts, and for me my creative side. I've decided to write a book. As many writers do, I have a fear that this is something I am not capable of doing. Give me an article topic to research, or a press release announcing a great new product--those I feel confident about, but a book? Fiction? Am I that creative? Is it possible that I can pull it off? I'm not sure, but I do know one thing for certain: I never will know unless I try. So wish me luck on this one, friends! I'm going to need it!

Take care and have a wonderful day!


Sylvia C. said...


That's really exciting!

Try to tunnel that confidence and keep going no matter what!

I will be rooting for you!

Sylvia C.
I love that photo with the light going up those rocks!

Irreverent Freelancer said...

This is so funny since I was just out in my own garden last weekend snapping photos of a toad I found hiding there. I'll have to send you pics when I download them. And you can definitely write a book. I know you can, and deep down you know you can too!

Lisa Vella said...


Thanks so much for the support! I will definitely be visiting your blog regularly for creative energy and inspiration!


I'd love to see your toad pictures--for some reason, I am really into toads and frogs!

Thank you so much for your confidence in me and my skills. I am really in awe that you would have so much faith! In fact, I may even print your comment out and tape it to my desk as a reminder that someone else believes in me! Actually, your comment too, Sylvia!

You ladies are the best! Have a wonderful day!


Michele, aka: Juice Girl said...

I admit, I was looking for that toad too! Great photos, Lisa!

And, thanks for your kind words on my recent blog post. I appreciate them. Yeah, it was pretty frustrating and exhausting trying to get all that straightened out and worrying that I'd miss important e-mails. But with prayer and a little patience, it all worked out - thank goodness! :-)

Glad you had a fabulous vacation - and I think your book will be great!


Lisa Vella said...

Thanks a lot, Michele! You are truly wonderful!


Michele said...

Aw, thanks! *blushes* And, you're most welcome!


lindsay said...

you are so lucky...i love natural beauties.....i wish i could do like you.anyway thanx for sharing