Thursday, May 24, 2007

When it Rains it Pours!

It's been a very busy week for me - mostly good busy though. I just landed a job writing a 50 page eBook on parenting for a new client. I am so hopped up about this assignment because parenting is a topic I enjoy writing about. The only catch is that he wants the first draft done in two weeks. I can do this, right? Sure I can. I mean really, how many ten page papers did I procrastinate writing in college until the last minute - like the day before? Don't worry, I'm not procrastinating now. I'm almost twenty pages into it and the writing is coming along quite smoothly.

Of course, the very morning I clinched this assignment, I got another one writing an article for a client I've had since December. She's absolutely great so of course there's no question that I'll do it for her.

But why is it when these wonderful things happen, little obstacles seem to try and get in our way? All this writing and suddenly my computer decides to start misbehaving. Is she afraid that I am going to store too much on her hard drive, or that I'm just going to be running her way too much in this 80 degree weather we've been having? No. The adapter cord has some broken wires in it and needs replaced. If I don't hold it just so, the computer shuts right down with barely any notice - because, of course, the battery won't hold a charge either. LOL. Well, I got clever and rigged the cord up in the back so that I don't have to type one-handed. It would be pretty hard to write a fifty page book with one hand, you know. The new cord and battery should be arriving in the mail any day now!

Did I mention that when it rains it pours? I've been experiencing some very annoying technical problems with my internet service provider. It seems to work fine in the evening, but during the day it disconnects me off and on all day long. That's frustrating when I am trying to get some research done. I prefer to do my writing in the earlier hours of the day, when my mind is fresh and alert. Who knows what I might write while half asleep.

Oh well, it all goes with the territory, doesn't it? I'm not complaining, just mildly annoyed and very thankful to have gotten such a great writing job!


sylvia c. said...


I am so excited for you about this 50 page e-book. You are going to feel so great once it is written.

And, already 20 pages are done?

You are really on top of things.

Sorry to hear about the mild frustrations. I like how you made this post positive...many, many others would have had a full-on rant.

I try to avoid those, too!

Thanks and best of luck!

Sylvia C.

Lisa Vella said...


I'm so excited about this project. Hopefully, it's the beginning of many.

As for the positive look on things, who really wants to read about negativity? There's enough of that in the world already, and I'm going to do my best not to contribute to that!

I hope you have a fabulous holiday weekend! :)


Michi said...

LOL. I used to have a computer that did that, too. I finally got rid of it, but the one I have now likes to play 'freeze up' when I'm trying to get work done. I like computer games, but not this kind!!

Congrats on all the work!

Harmony said...

Good for you Lisa! I love reading about your successes and know you can get it all done and still be a wonderful mommy :)

And good luck with your technical problems.

Yvonne Russell said...

The Ebook project sounds cool. I look forward to hearing more about it. Congratulations! :)