Thursday, November 01, 2012

What's So Inspiring About November?

With November often comes the onset of cold gusty winds, gray, dreary days, and the first snowstorms of the season.  To make matters worse, the days become shorter and the sun seems to shine but precious little, but as "blah" as that sounds there's an upside to everything.  These are the perfect days to hunker down and light spicy scented candles all over the house, play board games with the kids or simply cuddle up under blankets with good books to read or a laptop for writing.

November is the beginning of many exciting and even inspiring things to come, especially this year.  On a national scale, American citizens will soon be casting their votes to determine who will be president for the next four years.  Some will be happy, some will not, but it remains a time of hope and change for a promise of a bright future.

Soon after election day, will come Thanksgiving.  What's more inspiring or joyful than sharing a delicious feast with your closest friends and loved ones?  For writers, taking a moment to jot down a few of their favorite memories, or even bits of funny conversations may become grist for the mill down the line.  It's those little things that might give your fiction, memoir, or even magazine article that special tidbit that makes it real for your readers. The ability to do that makes you a real writer.    

Of course, it's also the beginning of the Christmas season, and despite what others may think I love everything about this time of the year.  I'm one of those crazy people who can't wait to hear the first Christmas jingle on the radio.  After that, it's Christmas cookies and decorating all the way - all the way to Christmas day that is!  

For me personally, I will hopefully be publishing my new freelance writing website this month.  Getting it up and running will be my main writing goal, but I'll also be working on marketing and acquiring some jobs as well.  I'll keep you posted throughout my journey.      

So for me, the drear of November holds no threat.  I'm ready to hear the whistle of cold, wild, wind gusts, to see snow falling gently (or angrily) to the ground while I tap, tap, tap the keyboard of my laptop.  When the sun does shine, I'll greedily soak it in and think of all the great things to come this November!

Leave a comment and tell me what you are looking forward to this month?  I'd love to hear from you!

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Betsy Henning said...

This is great Lisa! I love it. I really and truly do. And I'm going to heed your advice. I've enjoyed this sunshiny day and now I'm going to settle in and write, write, write, as if there's a prize to be won!

Lisa Vella said...

Thanks Betsy! You are, after all, my biggest fan! Love you! Now go get that prize!!!