Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Vacation - Relaxed and Structured Time

Summer vacation has begun for my children.  For me, it actually means a little more work around here.  I have two extra bodies to feed, entertain, and keep in clean clothes for a couple months.  In addition to that, I will be subjected to extra sibling rivalry, and the typical comments made out of boredom, like, "There's nothing to do.  Will you play with me," and of course, "I'm hungry."

Despite all that though, I LOVE summer vacation.  I get to see my childrens' bright sunny faces all day long every single day.  That's great insurance for me that the sun will always shine at Lisa's house even when clouds loom and rain is inevitable.  We get to relax a little bit on tight bedtime schedules, and things do not have to be quite so planned out. 

Our days will actually have a little structure though.  I like to do meals and snack times at specified times.  It really helps to eliminate the "I'm hungry" complaint.  They know there's no point in asking for food because the time has not yet arrived, thereby diminishing that gripe - at least most of the time. 

Later today, I will also sign them up for the summer read program at our local library.  It's great.  It makes reading and learning fun and exciting -- and teaches responsibility at the same time.  Even three-year-old children can grasp the fact that a book does not belong to them so we must take good care of it and return it when we are done.  And of course, just think of all the stuff that they get to learn between the covers! 

For me, it serves one more great purpose.  Bringing them home from the library with all those great books to read will give them something to do and give me some extra time to write.  Trips to the library will be in the morning.  We will come home, have lunch, baby will go down for nap, children will read quietly, and mama will get in some good writing time, right? 

Well, it sounds like a great plan, but I realize sometimes life has other things in mind.  I can bend if necessary, but have every intention to keep at it.  Well, baby girl is up from her nap so off I go.  Hope you are all enjoying a beautiful day!  Take care!      


Mom said...

Ahh, sounds lovely! I bet the girls are totally enjoying it! ((Hugs)) to you all!

Lisa Vella said...

Aww...Thanks, Mom! You are the best and I love you! ((Hugs)) to you from all of us, too!

Kimberly Ben said...

I love this post, Lisa, because I try to establish a more relaxed, yet structured, day for my kids as well. I'm with you on meal time - my 8 year old twins already eat like adolescents, especially when they get bored. Once we move I plan to put them in a local art class or something else they'll enjoy until school starts. Until then I'm just grateful that I can flex my schedule to meet their needs.

Lisa Vella said...

Hi Kim!

A summer art class sounds like a lovely idea for something productive for your children to do! I wish we had something like that around here, but there's always something to do.

I've been trying to be creative and come up with other ideas for activities too. Father's Day is Sunday so tomorrow I plan to have my girls make cards for Daddy and Grandpa. That should keep them busy for a little while. But you are definitely right, a flexible schedule is an asset when children are involved.

When is your actual move date? Hope you are having a fantastic day!

Betsy Henning said...

So where are those hot hazy lazy days of summer? There were a few last week or the week before, if memory serves. I miss them!

Cool and cloudy does not make for good outdoor time. But your card making activity should be a nice indoor project. Not as much fun as swimming, but still...

Lisa Vella said...

I'd like to know the same, Betsy, but they will surely be here before we know it. Then of course, we will be longing for slightly cooler days.

Now I'm off. Chloe is gone for the day, Giana sleeping, Amara preparing to sleep and card-making off the list for this sunny Friday!

Have a wonderful retreat!

Lori said...

Hi Lisa! You need structure when the kids are home. I have two at home - two adult children - and I still have issues with interruptions. Ack!

Lisa Vella said...

Hi Lori! Nice to see you here at my blog! Yes, we need that structure. I used to say "Someday when my children are older I'll have more time..." but I realize from watching friends whose children are grown that life just fills in other ways.

Hope all is well with you and that you have a wonderful weekend!

Sylvia C. Hall said...

We love going to the library (plus it's air-conditioned, so I can stay cool! ;)

Thanks for your super sweet comment on my blog. I hope you are getting the writing time your creative-self desires!