Monday, May 16, 2011

Stuffing it All In!

Pardon my absence over the last week.  I've been out walking, taking bubble baths and buying new stuff!  Obviously, I've been seeking some inspiration!  Just kidding.  Actually, I've been super busy with life.  Some of you saw and commented on pictures of my daughter as she went off to dance the night away at her first prom.  Believe me, that brought a couple tears to my eyes.

Other than that, there's been the typical illnesses that seem to always linger in my house, and as for me, I have a couple confessions to make.  First of all, I've been stricken with addiction - a gardening addiction, that is!  Last week's stretch of gorgeous weather had me out digging in the dirt and planting the very perennials that will reward my toil with beauty for years to come.

As for writing, that's the other confession.  Obviously, I wasn't here posting, nor did I work on my book or any of my other self-assigned writing projects.  I did, however, work on a project for a client, so at least that's something, but since it's not pressing I didn't complete it yet.  Naughty me!!!

So the personal struggle now is to not be too hard on myself.  During times like these - periods where I am less productive with my writing -  I try to remember that I am still a mother of young children and they must, and always do come first.  I try to be patient with myself and my goals (and believe me that's hard to do sometimes) while keeping in mind that these little ones won't be little forever.  Before long, they will all be in school and I'll have more time to focus on writing.

In the meantime, I continue to challenge myself to do all  the things in my life that I enjoy: parenting, writing, gardening, drawing, knitting, yoga/pilates and the list goes on and on.  I guess that's what living life is about, isn't it?  It's about stuffing every little thing into your day that you possibly can and enjoying it to the max.  It's living life with abandon, but not abandoning the things we are passionate about.   

So here I am writing again, refocusing myself without beating myself up over the things I didn't get done.  If I keep at it, I'll get where I want and need to be in time. 

What about you, do any of you ever get sidetracked with life?  Are you stuffing it all in and keeping focused?  How do you do it?


Kimberly Ben said...

Oh, I hope your daughter had a nice prom. I'm sure that was an emotional experience for you.

You.'re not alone when it comes to prioritizing personal projects. I'm TOTALLY sidetracked! A writer friend of mine (who seems to be insanely productive with endless energy) suggested that I set deadlines for everything I'm trying to accomplish, so I'm going to try that and see if it helps.

Good luck to you!

Lisa Vella said...

My daughter did have a great time at prom. Thank you!

As for deadlines, I try that too. My writing partner and I do that and try to hold each other accountable, but we are both too nice to pin the other down when we fall short! LOL! But on the bright side, we are still always working toward something - and you certainly seem to be as well!

Have a wonderful day, Kimberly!

Betsy Henning said...

So good. So helpful. Yes, yes, stop beating yourself up. My self-inflicted punishment is having to wear the hair-shirt. Not sure where that came from, but when I'm done wearing it I'll gladly pass it over to you. Itchy-itchy, scratchy, ick. :)

You'd rather be writing -- trust me.