Friday, February 25, 2011

So You Think You're A Writer?

Many times in my life I have wondered if I could legitimately call myself a writer.  I've always struggled with the belief that you have to do something "grand" like write a book in order to accept that title.  I don't feel that way anymore.  Time and a little bit of wisdom have transformed those beliefs, and now I know that writing comes in many shapes and sizes.  Here are just a few thoughts I have that might help you realize if you are a writer or not.

  • If you have a burning desire in your heart to string words together in order to create a written piece of work you might just be a writer.  This work can be anything from a resume, to a press release, to a book.  These are all creative expressions and are thoughtful and artistic in their own way - they are created by writers.
  • If you find yourself reading articles, books, or anything else of that nature, and you are suddenly stricken with an idea to write then you might just be a writer.  These ideas don't always come while reading though.  Sometimes it's while you are doing the mundane tasks of every day living like washing the dishes. 
  • If you often find yourself running for a scrap of paper, a napkin, or something that you can write an idea down on before you forget it, then you are quite possibly a writer.  Of course, then finding these scraps in all locations around your house is also a good indication.  
  • You might especially be a writer if you are one who has ideas, but forgets them before you get a chance to write them down.  It is so frustrating when this happens. Of course, it's always those ideas that would have been your best story yet - maybe even your Pulitzer Prize winner!
  • If you sit down to write, but then become immobilized by your fear of what might or might not happen - like failure, success, or the fear that someone might actually read it - and instead you do a load of laundry, then you might be a writer.
  • If you find yourself reading blogs, books and magazines on writing all the time, then you better get on it because a writer is surely living inside of your heart. 
  • If you write anything, even if it's only journaling, and what you write is coming from your heart, then you are a writer!

These are only a few examples that popped into my head - things that I often experience or feel.  It's different for everyone.  For many it's a very private and personal thing, and for others there's nothing quite like seeing their own creations in print.  What defines being a writer in your eyes?   


    pratima patil said...

    Love your blog! It is too cute and very inspiring.I agree that writing comes in many shapes and sizes.Thanks for the great
    info and the sharing of your insights.

    Lisa Vella said...


    Thank you so much for visiting my blog! It's always wonderful to know that my writing has the potential to inspire people - that's exactly what I want to do! Anyway, I'm so glad you like it and hope you'll come back and visit again!

    Have a wonderful day!