Thursday, October 23, 2008

Oh Blessed and Bountiful Life!

I am a mother, wife, writer, knitter, singer, homemaker, exerciser and user of the creative gifts God has given me. I am healthy. I am not bored. I am greatly blessed and reveling in the good and bountiful life He has given me. I had to tell you this.

My very best friend and life partner!

Two of three pumpkins of my own!

The little gal who keeps me young at heart!

I love this one more than words can say! Isn't she sooo precious!

"Honestly, Mama, do you have to take a picture?"

Canning peaches is so rewarding!

Using and enjoying the fruit God gives us is a blessing unto itself!

What I have posted here is a mere drop in the bucket of the rich life I am experiencing right now. For those of you who have inquired as to my absence, all is well. All is better than well. Life and circumstances can change overnight. That's a reality that I am aware of, so I have simply been enjoying the abundent life I have been blessed with. You all are a part of that life and I truly hope and pray with all my heart that your lives are as full and blessed as mine.


Betsy Henning said...

Yes you have been enjoying an abundant life. The fruit in your life is all good and beautiful...especially the little girls.

Welcome back to the blogging!

Mig said...

You do have such a rich life, girlfriend. :) I wish you to have an even richer 2009! May you be blessed with all the good and the light you deserve and may all your dreams come true. :)



becky said...

well first i will say you are genious that, you can do all such things together.i really looks so cute.they are lucky that got caring and loving parents like blessing and well wishesh are with you...and thanx for ur blessings....keep it up