Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tuesday's Writing Tidbits

You got me! It's not's Wednesday. I apologize. You know how life gets away from you sometimes? Well, life got away from me...but you'll be happy to know I got it back again!

Anyway, I thought that this week's "tip" would be about group writing projects. I participated in my first one last week and thought it was such a great experience that I really think everyone should give it a try. Here are several reasons why:

(1) First and foremost, I thought it was great fun, but most importantly, it was a wonderful learning experience. What a fun opportunity to learn something about myself and a life event that I might not have ever thought about again! Not only that, but there were many lessons to be learned from the other participants. Who would think you could learn so much from animals, but you can!

(2) The contest opened my eyes to new people and new blogs. When I read the other entries in the project, I also checked out their blogs. I found a bunch of interesting stories, talented writers, and tons of useful information. Bloggers tend to be a helpful bunch!

(3) It brought new visitors to my blog. I love seeing new visitors, and I enjoy their comments even more!

(4) It was a great excuse to write. I would even have to say that it brought me a little bit out of my comfort zone--probably because the story was a glimpse into a past that is very personal to me. But doesn't that stretch us as writers, and human beings?

So if you've never joined a group writing project, then give it a try. You might be surprised just how much you stand to gain! I know I learned much more than I figured on, and that's simply awesome!

Have a wonderful day, and see you next time!


Bob said...

All excellent reasons to participate, Lisa, and I'm so glad you did. Hope to see you next time!


Lisa Vella said...

Thank you, Robert! I'm waiting for the next topic with bated breath!

Have a great day!


Lillie Ammann said...

I'm glad you participated in this month's What I Learned From ... project, and I enjoyed your post. I try to participate in every one of Robert's projects for all the reasons you've listed.

Robert A. Henru said...

Hi Lisa, is it your first time participating? glad to know you from the group writing project!

Group writing project is very useful.
Some of my most popular post are coming from a group writing project.


Lisa Vella said...


Like I said, I really enjoyed your post as well. You were my inspiration for this one, so I really owe you a thank you! I am going to try to contribute next month, too.


Thank you for visiting my blog! Yes, it was my first time in a group writing project. I read your post, as well. I liked your unique spin on the animal kingdom!

Enjoy your day!


Jacob from Group Writing Projects said...

Lisa, glad to hear that you've discovered gwps, something that I love so much, I created the only blog dedicated to them:

Group Writing Projects

Hope to see you on board. Most of your other commenters so far here are already part of the Group Writing Projects Community.

Lisa Vella said...

Thank you, Jacob for stopping by to read my post! I am excited to explore your blog and will be watchful for group writing projects that catch my eye!

Thanks for the heads up, and I hope you are having a lovely day!