Thursday, May 15, 2008

Writing Technique's and Tips

The most avid readers understand the rewards of reading something that touches our senses and flows with the beauty of nature itself. People will return again and again to a writer who knows how to connect with his readers in this manner. Good writing is stylish, and stylish writers are successful.

The exciting thing is that you can accomplish writing style by many different means. The usage of good grammar, how you apply different writing techniques, and plenty of practice all help you create your own unique voice. These are all qualities a stylish writer applies to his writing.

Every Monday I am going to post on the topic of "Stylish Writing." It may be a post about something as simple as common word usage errors, punctuation, or maybe it will be a little more complicated. Whether simple or complex, it is guaranteed to be good information to help you (and me) to become a better writer.

Deep down inside, don't we all want others to read and enjoy our writing? Hope to see you Monday!


Jonlyn M. said...

i love your page! i am a young writer, and i was wondering if you could help me. how do you deal with writer's block?!

Lisa Vella said...


What a pretty name! Thank you so much for both your compliment to my blog, and for your visit! It's exciting to see a young writer looking to improve her craft!

There are a number of things you can do to overcome writer's block. A couple exercises I find useful for that are freewriting and journaling. They are activities that allow you to write with no pressure and sometimes that in itself is enough to get over that hurdle. Here are a couple links to some posts I have written on those topics: and

I would also suggest reading Julia Cameron's book The Artist's Way. It is a very inspirational book with many activities to help you improve your writing.

I hope this helps, and again, thank you for visiting my blog. I would love to see you back here again!

Have a wonderful day!